ELIF: Why should I drink more water before donating blood?



Wouldn’t that dilute my blood and make it “less useful”?

In: Biology

There’s also the concern of your own health; recovering from losing a large amount of blood is never fun.

Due to your blood (specifically plasma) being made up so much of water, hydrating prior to giving blood allows the body to begin replacing the water right after it’s taken out of you. If you give your body the resources to begin immediately repairing itself, it will!

I believe it will make the donation go faster but I’m not entirely sure that’s the only reason.

More water means you arent dehydrated. If you arent dehydrated your veins are easier to hit with a catheter. Less water means more pokes, or at least harder to get in on the first try.

They rather have slightly dilluted blood than you passing out from not having enough liquid in your body

If you already drink enough water then you dont need to drink a lot more. People vary, I have never needed to up my water intake but others might need to.