Energy Drinks



Whenever I drink an energy drink instead of feeling hyped up and feeling like I could run a mile I just feel like I could sleep, why is this?

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There are a variety of possible reasons, but one which you maybe should be aware of, is ADHD. Quite a lot of ADHD folks report that they have an insensitive or even ‘backwards’ reaction to caffeine.

Another thing is that some research indicates that caffeine’s stimulant effect becomes dependency-forming over time, and that for many daily coffee drinkers, their alertness on caffeine is roughly equal to what their baseline level was before they got addicted. So if you’ve been using it on a very regular basis you might find it only gets you back up to ‘normal’ now.

Your kidneys and liver are getting clogged up with the energy drinks chemicals. Drink no more energy drinks for a bit and drink tons of water. May 1 no more energy drinks black tea for caffeine. Oct 1 drink an energy drink and hang on! I LOVE YOU [email protected]

Caffeine dehydrates you, and if you don’t drink enough water you will feel the reverse effects, aka the effects of dehydration

You could also be having a diabetic reaction to the copious sugar in the drink. Try the zero-calorie version of the same drink – if that doesn’t make you feel tired then you need to get checked for the diabeetus.

In addition to what other commenters have said, energy drinks often have a high sugar content (unless, of course, you seek out a sugar-free flavor or brand like G-Fuel). A high dose of sugar will cause your body to respond with a high dose of insulin… often too much too fast, causing [“reactive hypoglycemia”](