gamesharing on Xbox one?


If I were to add a friend’s account to my Xbox and set it as a home account, would they have access to my personal data? Can I download their games onto my Xbox and play them without having to be signed into their account? I have no idea how this works

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Your friend can sign in and download their games and play them at your house, but you can’t play them unless you are signed in as them or they are signed in also. This would sign them out at their home, so basically trying to share is pointless unless they are at your house or you’ll kick them off their own account.

As far as data, no, each account only has access to it’s own data unless it’s set up as a child’s account under a parent, then the parent can make account changes.

Gamesharing works like this.

Say that your friend sets your console as their Home Xbox, every game and non-consumable DLC (save for a few specific ones) they have can be shared to every account signed onto that console. None of the other accounts need to set your console as Home Xbox, just your friend’s.

Even if they sign out of their account on your console, if your friend’s account has set your console as Home Xbox it will stay as is until your friend switches. They can do this up to 6 times a year.

Up to 25 accounts can set one specific console as their Home Xbox, which means they can share the licenses for any digitally downloaded content such as games, DLC and also Xbox Live, Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate.

You can learn more about Home Xbox through this support article:

Hope that helps!