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What makes the sugars contained in some foods lower on the glycemic index and why are these foods better for the body?

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Foods with lower glycemic index contain sugars that are broken down and absorbed more slowly by the body. This is because they have other healthy things, like fiber and protein, that help slow down the digestion of sugar. So, instead of giving you a quick burst of energy, like a sprinter, these foods provide a slow and steady supply of energy, like a marathon runner. That’s why they’re better for your body!

In your blood you have glucose.

Corn syrup is mostly glucose.

Regular sugar or high fructose corn syrup is half glucose, half fructose.

Half glucose, half fructose is also called sucrose.

Basically your body wants to put glucose in your blood.

If you eat glucose, it goes straight in you blood.

If you eat fructose, it has to be converted into glucose which takes time.

Plants are sugar factories. They take sunlight and carbon from the air, and turn it into sugar. This sugar can then be stuck together to make things like cellulose or starch.

Our bodies cannot digest cellulose, but we can turn starch into glucose easily.

Bonus facts:
Wood, cotton, cellophane, and paper are made of cellulose.

These can be treated with enzymes to break them down into sugar and they can be used to make alcohol:

Wood/paper can be dissolved, and then reformed into a cotton like material called Rayon. This is sometimes rebranded as Viscose or Lyocell.

Today a lot of clothes are advertised as being made from exotic materials like bamboo or eucalyptus. They’re just Rayon.

If you bake rayon cloth in an oven until it burns and turns black, you have carbon fiber. This is because rayon is cellulose which is make sugar which is made from carbon.