Grounding vs. Bonding


Okay, I’ve gone down the rabbit hole and I’m still confused. What’s required on my residential house in California?

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> What’s required on my residential house in California?

No clue. This is why you higher a state certified electrician. Also so you don’t burn your house down.

Grounding is the process by which you create a low resistance route from a electrical appliance to “ground.” Ground can be any low potential element with ability to absorb effectively infinite electricity. In modern mains AC applications this is actually more often than not your neutral.

The goal of grounding is to ensure that during an electrical fault if the appliance becomes electrically charged there is a way for it to discharge that electricity that’s not you or the carpet. Also if wired correctly it should also trip the circuit breaker pretty fast.

Bonding is the process of connecting the grounding wire to any conductive part of an electrical appliance that should not normally carry current. Thus allowing the grounding wire to do it’s thing during an electrical fault.

Thus if the grounding wire has been **bonded** correctly the appliance or housing or whatever is **grounded**.