Guilty vs not guilty.


How does this work in court? Pleading guilty to a case guarantees a sentence. Whereas not guilty allows you a chance to defend yourself. Doesn’t seem like most defendants would plead guilty. Why is this even a thing?

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If you think you have little to no chance of winning the trial, you can make a deal to get a reduced sentence in exchange for pleading guilty.

most guilty pleas are the result of negotiations with the prosecutor for a specific lesser sentence than a guilty defendant would receive at trial.

Because going to trial can result in harsher sentences.

Let’s say you comitted a robbery, they have you dead to rights. Video evidence and everything.

Do you go to trial and risk 25+ years, or do you plead guilty and take 10?

Pleading guilty often comes with a reduced sentence compared to what you would get if found guilty at trial. Most cases end in a plea deal. Very few go to trial.

If the court has alot of evidence & you know you won’t get off, enter a Guilty plea & they may show leniency.
If there is little evidence plead not guilty and take your chances on your lawyer fighting your corner.
Depends massively on the crime also of course.