How acetylcholine works


I’m researching about it but I’m having some trouble summarizing it without adding many technical terms

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Acetylcholine is a chemical that helps your brain and body communicate with each other. It acts like a messenger that carries signals from one nerve cell to another. It can make some nerve cells more active and some less active, depending on where it goes and what kind of receptors it binds to. Acetylcholine is important for many functions, like moving your muscles, remembering things, paying attention, regulating your heart rate and blood pressure.

To explain how acetylcholine works without being too technical, imagine that you want to move your arm. Your brain sends a message through a chain of nerve cells until it reaches the end of one nerve cell near your arm muscle. There, acetylcholine is made from two small molecules and released into a tiny space betwen the nerve cell and the muscle cell. Acetylcholine crosses this space and attaches to special proteins on the muscle cell called nicotinic receptors. This makes the muscle cell more active and causes it to contract(shorten). This way, acetylcholine helps you move your arm. hope that was not tool long. lol