How am I able to regulate the force with which my muscles contract?



I remember reading somewhere that a single muscle cell is either contracted or it is not. Is this true? Does my nervous system vary the force of my muscles by activating fewer or more cells? Or is it more like an analog function, where all the cells are contracting but only at a fraction of their potential?

In: Biology

Depends on what your muscle is doing.
Mussles pull or relax. Ususaly as a mussles group instead of random cells.

In our arm for example we have mussles that pull our hand and arm twards our body, and others that pull outwardly(like picking up something off the table) they work in tandem since they cant ‘push’ just pull. (Kind of like shitting gears vs the break petal )

As for how much energy they ate using depends on what activity your doing and if its easy/hard for you, time doing it , ext If your working out with 10 lbs weights your going to use up your mussles energry slower thab if your using a 30 lbs weight. If your running at 5 mph for 10 min might be easy vs 30..not so much.

If you constantly workout a 10 lbs weight isnt going to push youself for more musscle growth. Bc you need to lightly overwork a general area for your body to send in ‘reinforcements ‘. Thats why your soar when working out. Your mussles are demanding energy and rest to rebuild.