how ants don’t just drown when it rains.


Particularly when it rains fairly heavily. I mean their colonies are just a network of unground tunnels. One would assume they’d just fill with water.

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The holes they breathe through are smaller than water can get into due to its surface tension.

If you’ve noticed, ant hills tend to “pop up” after a rain. The vast majority of the ant colony is underground but when it rains they move upwards to prevent the colony from becoming inundated.

Ants take active measures to protect themselves from excessive water. Such a special purpose built tunnels to channel waters downwards and quickly drain.

The ants take refuge on my kitchen bench and sometimes the wall a day or two Before the rains come.

I know when a big rain is coming because they carry all their eggs up and hang out. I just leave them alone if they’re not in the way.

After it finished raining they go away again by themselves. I suppose they check their chambers are not flooded and move every thing back again.




There’s an ant colony that appears in our mailbox after heavy rains, eggs and all. They leave after eventually

Ever see a fire ant raft or ball during a flood? Terrifying


I read once that there is a specific species living in bamboo or something that drinks the water when there is a flood and then discards it outside the nest

Most underground colonies have a system of water traps – hollowed out rooms where water can pool but not advance to the next until the pool is filled. In the traps that are filled with water, the ants can just walk around/above the water to get out

What’s with all these questions about little animals drowning under heavy rain?

When you see them in a ball rolling around in heavy rain it’s because they band together to be above the water. When they roll around, it gives everyone the opportunity to get their turn to get a gasp of air until they can get to solid ground. (I had a friend in college that was an agronomy major. Ants were all the guy talked about, even drunk at a rager lol)

I’ve seen videos of this! They just hold hands and they begin to float. It’s pretty cool. Check YouTube if you don’t believe me.

Last hurricane i was in, a whole colony got flooded. They were in a ball,rotating in the water, trying to stay alive. We through a board in the flood waters to give them away out

The ants go marching one by one,
And they all go marching down,
To the ground, to get out of the rain.

Some good answers here, just to add, ants don’t have lungs. They have small holes called spiracles that they can close when thrown into water. Ants have a very slow metabolic rate compared to us so they can hold their breath for the better part of a day. If the ants just wanted to sit in wet dirt and wait the rain out they probably could. Also ants know in advanced when it is going to rain and you will see them very active before heavy rain preping their ant homes or whatever.