how are mini computers are build using Redstone in Minecraft?

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Recently I heard that there was a player (I forgot the name) who has made a simple Minecraft in Minecraft. How does that work?

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a lot of it is fancy redstone, at the end of the day it’s literally just coding in binary, the same way computers are written.

You should give SethBling on youtube a look, he does some insane stuff. Nowadays you have files you can edit but there are also commands, like he made moving blocks, with realistic bounce physics, like balls and stuff, using some of the commands available in the game. it’s fascinating.

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the same way computers are built outside of minecraft. with redstone you can make logic gates like and (all inputs are on) or (one input is on) and not (on if the input is off). these are the same logic gates computer engineers use to design real computers, so put the same logic gates in the same arangement and you have a computer.

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Redstone follows the real life rules of a simple circuit. The thing about modern computers is that they’re just a WHOLE LOT of simple circuits shrunk down and stamped onto a piece of silicon. But in principle they operate the same way: Circuits have an “off” and “on” position. You’ve heard of binary code, I assume. Well, the 1’s and 0’s are instructions to those circuits to turn off and on in order to accomplish calculations.

Video games are a very complex series of calculations which are written in a programming language (something easier for humans to understand), which gets translated into binary, which gets relayed to the circuits.

What the users who create computers in Minecraft have done is just create a series of circuits in Minecraft which ultimately add up to a playable video game.

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An (electronic) “computer” is a device that can do binary calculations using things called “logic gates” (which represent stuff like “A AND B”). This means that any physical object which can do binary calculations using logic gates is also, technically, “a computer,” it’s just not a very efficient or practical one.

Redstone, in Minecraft, acts like a circuit. This means that it allows, or blocks, a flow of effectively “current” from one place to another. Using carefully-designed redstone circuits, it is possible to make logic gates, and with those logic gates, you can create a device that can add binary numbers together. Hence, it’s technically “a computer.” In practice, this is not very useful and is mostly just a stunt.

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You can make basic logic gates with redstone in minecraft.

CPUs have billions of logic gates inside them, so if you know what you’re doing you can replicate that, albeit within the limitations of scale.

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In your home or apartment go up to a light switch and turn it on and off. There’s two “states” either the light is on or off. Let’s associate these states with 1 for on and 0 for off. Now go to every light in your home and set them all to random states of off and on.

Now for simplicity let’s say you had only 8 lights in your house total. We will order the lights into a list 8 digits long ex: 11001110. Where the first digit ALWAYS represents the status of your bedroom light, the second always your kitchen, etc. For example if your bedroom and kitchen light were on and none of the other 6 were on, the order would look like 11000000. Bedroom light off, kitchen light on, everything else off: 01000000.

Imagine these are just words that you would use in a sentence. What you just created was a single instruction to a computer. The computer reads those 8 digits as “words” and that’s how you communicate with the computer. Set those digits to another order, remembering that each digit always represents their respective light switch, and you have a different word. The computer is “reading” your whole house at once 8 digits at a time.

Your tv is the same way. Your tv is constantly getting a code for whether or not every single individual pixel should be on or not and what numerical value of red green and blue the pixel should be. Most commonly this rate is 60 times a second. That’s what the 60Hz refresh rate means. The tv is interpreting and applying that code 60 times a second to give you what appears to be a moving picture.

This design is used in practically everything with electricity.

Back to the Minecraft example. The red stone in Minecraft acts as the same as the light switch example above. Allowing the user to switch between 2 states. In the game this is normally used simply as cutting lights on or off but by allowing the user to do it automatically vs manually hitting a switch. Since the base concept is the same as the light switch example above, and since the light switch example is an incredibly simple computer concept, all it takes is an incredible amount of time and effort to create a functioning computer in the game.

Let me know I need to clarify anything more clearly

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You could buy a ton of relays and make your own computer. All a relay needs is to switch a circuit on or off based on an applied voltage. Combine a couple relays in the right way and you have a NAND gate, and you can build a computer out of NAND gates. So any game that includes any type of game object that can act like a relay allows the building of a computer within it.

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[]( is a video that can explain it