How are modern fruits better than supplements?

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It’s often said that modern fruits contain several times more sugar than its older variants. So why would eating these fruits with lots of sugar be better than taking supplements?

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When you eat a fruit, you’re eating a lot more than the sugar and nutrients. The flesh of the fruit requires energy to break down and digest.

This is why fruit juices and smoothies are fattening, it takes very little work for your body to absorb the sugar, so they require very few calories to be burned.

Supplements are really close to net zero calorie, and unless you’re deficient in certain nutrients they add nothing to your body.

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the question is better for what?

better to get a specific vitamin or better to feel full after eating it or what ever else?

Supplements are generally something you dont ever need if you have a balanced diet and have no medical reasons for any deficiencies.

So the question would never really be “how is an apple better than this supplement?” the question is “why are you even taking that supplement and what are you expecting it to do for you?”

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It should also be noted that much of the active ingredients in supplements are not absorbed into our body and therefore what you’re often buying is the ingredients for expensive urine.

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Do you know all the molecules that are in an apple? No, you don’t. Nobody does.

When you take a supplement of a single molecule that somebody identified in an apple 100 years ago, you’re missing out on everything else in the apple that might be good for your body but we haven’t run through a mass spectrometer and found a way to synthesize in a lab and put into a pill with a catchy name. Nature is full of nutrients we haven’t identified.

Yes, apples also have sugar in them. That’s why you eat them as part of a balanced diet that also includes animals and leaves.