How are people making a living out of youtube?



How are people making a living out of youtube?

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Ad revenue plus google adcents. Joe rogan podcasts can make 50000+ per episode. You do the math

They make videos that lots of people watch. YouTube shows all those people ads and gives some of the ad money to the people who make the videos for bringing in lots of ad views.

Dont views equate to dollars after enough of them?

Youtube shows advertisements during videos, and gets paid for this. Youtube shares some of this money with the youtube video creator.

As a rough estimate, you might get $1,500 for every million views that you get. It varies based on how many people are watching the ads and other things.

In addition, many youtubers also have Patreon accounts, where their viewers will donate money to them. Many of them get more money from Patreon than they get from the advertising money.

Also, many of them post links in their videos to products and get money when people click the links and buy things that way.

Ad revenue is a really small portion of the money they make. A lot of times they make money with sponsorships or patreon.

A sponsorship could be a YouTuber made ad spot within the video. “This video was sponsored by *product or service*. [Spiel about what the product or service does, sometimes with a clever tie in to the video content]. Click the link in the description, and use the promo code “YouTube” to get a 20% discount, and support the channel.”

They get a small commission for every new subscription that uses their promo code, but I’m not sure if they get a fixed amount up front for featuring the product.

Or they’ll do sponsored content, where a company wants them to review or talk about a specific product. A lot of product reviewers make money on direct sponsored content, and a bit more by selling products they get for free.

They will have affiliate links on Amazon or whatever, and they’ll get a tiny commission on anything you buy through their shop.

Some sell their own merchandise, either fan related merchandise (though I can’t imagine myself buying a YouTube channel branded t shirt or coffee mug), or the YouTube channel itself was created as a vehicle to promote the youtuber’s store/product.

Then there’s patreon, where they rely on viewers to donate to their channel a fixed amount every month, to support the content creator’s ability to create content.