How are popcorns made?


How are popcorns made?

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By popping corn. Literally; heating it until it pops.

Firstly it’s not the same corn as you get sweet corn from; those kernels are quite soft, whereas popcorn kernels form a hard outer.

As its heated, usually either with some oil or with hot air to help prevent burning, the water inside boils and turns to steam. But because its contained inside the hard kernel it has nowhere to go, cooks the insides a bit, until eventually the pressure gets enough to burst the kernel open.

The inside puffs up as it expands, which then cools and forms the crunchy treat that we eat.

Popcorn as in the food?

Certain types of corn will turn inside out and puff when heated.

The water inside the kernel is turned into steam, and that causes the rapid expansion when the husk is breached.

Flint corn is the most common strain