How are scammers and drug dealers caught?



If they stay lowkey nothing will happen to them so how does this work

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For drug dealers, most likely someone rats them out to the police. If a drug dealer only deals to friends that they trust won’t turn them in or tell anyone else, then he most likely won’t get caught. But all it takes is one rat to tell the police about it.

For scammers, if someone gets scammed they will be pissed and most likely contact the police.

As much as dealers and scammers stay lowkey, their “business” still requires they interact with lots of people… someone at some point will make a mistake.

Scammers have victims who want to seem the caught/punished, so it’s not really possible to stay “lowkey”.

Drug dealers, in theory, work only with satisfied customers, so there’s less pressure. If police only acted on drug crime when someone came down to the station to file a report, not many dealers would get arrested. However, police actively look to bust dealers with things like random searches and undercover operations, and that’s harder to avoid by just keeping your head down.

This is how seemingly most drug dealers get caught where I live:

They take some of their own product, then they get in a car with a broken taillight, bald tires and a crack in the windshield then they drive right through the middle of town weaving all over the road.

Giving cops multiple excuses to pull you over is counter productive if you’re doing something illegal.

because the same personality traits that would make a person a scammer or drug dealer are those that keep them from staying “low key” – you don’t become a dealer without your eyes being set on bettering your position in some way or another.

Also, unless you’re grower/producer and distributor, you’re part of a network somehow, so even if YOU stay lowkey, someone in your network may not, and you get dimed out — there’s no honor amongst thieves, as they say.

If you’re not the grower/producer, you’re just a distributor, and part of a MLM scam as it is, you never REALLY make enough to pay the source so you have to do more and more risky things to increase your margins, which takes away your “lowkey” status, because eventually, you’ll do something stupid and get yourself arrested.