How are sloths not extinct?


They’re literally the slowest mammal on the planet. You’d think predators would just eliminate them so easily.

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They are well hidden, and stay high in trees where they are hard to reach.

And their slowless is actually a survival technique. They need very little food, and so they don’t have to get to the dangerous ground very often.

Tldr:. They are so pathetic nothing bothers.

They provide very little nutrition

They taste bad

Their fur is often filthy

They don’t eat things that compete with other animals.

They usually are in areas that are harder to get to.

Sorta why you don’t just start eating grass when your hungry. Resting grass, for us, isn’t worth the effort.

Nobody mentioned the slow speed is also a defense. Predators eyes are developed to track movements. Prey that doesn’t move quickly just blends into the background.