How Asian warriors really suffer and life through multiple sword fights and not die?


I’ve been watching ancient Korean dramas and these warriors suffer blows that go through their body and slices of the sword here and there and somehow they miraculous heal with time. Was this common? It seems like nowadays one stab wound to the trunk and people die. Are these dramas completely unrealistic or did warriors have ways to divert slashes so that they were more likely to sustain flesh wounds rather than mortal wounds?

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Dramas are completely unrealistic…that’s why they’re dramatic.

In reality, without modern antibiotics and vaccines, one good slice into the body cavity and you’re gonna get tetanus or some other bacteria, get infected, and die.

Pretty sure if you got a nasty enough cut you were finished because of infection. Fucking house cats can kill you these days if you don’t see a doctor.

It’s a good story if the hero can take a number of hits and keeps going.

In real-life conflicts, eye witness accounts show that sometimes people took a silly little wound and then died, but sometimes people took several injuries, each of which should have been able to kill someone, and kept going. You can’t really predict exactly how any given person will respond to an injury.

In any fighting situation, you have to do your best to keep going until the fight is over (one way or another). In any situation where you take an injury without fighting, it makes more sense to try to deal with the injury immediately.