How breathing works? And how is it so fast?


Between breathing in and out there’s a gap of two or three seconds.

How is it possible that every cell in our body absorves O2, uses it, and expels CO2?

I can’t even think of the air going from my nose to my big toe that fast.

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The O2 doesn’t spread that fast.

It’s stored in the blood through the spongy cell in the lung, delivered by heart pumping consequently.

For the O2 to be delivered from the lung to arteries to capillaries to big toes, it’ll take fairly long time.

The urge of breath is triggered by co2 level in the blood stream and the threshold is set to be lower than actually harmful level to individual cells to proactively get rid of it from bloodstream.

It’s a long conveyer belt that carries both food and garbage. Control center ask home service periodically to clean the belt and dump food at the loading bay before the whole system gets full of garbage. The food eventually reach the other end of the conveyer belt together with some garbage that home service didn’t manage to take out in time. Cells need that garbage too apparently.

See it like a big cafeteria with food trays gotten on one end, and dumped on the other. With your breath in you get a tray of food. Now sith your next breath out you haven’t eaten that food yet, it just entered your body. But it keeps going. You ealk towards your table, you eat the food, you walk towards the trashcan to throw the trash out.

While you do so (walking, sitting, eating, walking) other people are also getting trays of food (breaths with oxygen). It takes a while for the oxygen to be taken in by your body, so there might be 100 breaths between when you take in a specific oxygen cell to where it’s exchanged for a carbondioxide cell that will be carried out. But because there is a constant flow of people getting new food trays and people dumping their ‘eaten’ food trays, there id a constant flow.

So no, the two of three seconds does not use the one specific oxygen cell, you are correct in the fact that it doesn’t go from your nose to your toe that fast. It’s a conveyer belt that is constantly goving you new food trays while simultaneously dumping empty food trays with trash.

The oxygen from air in your lungs one second isn’t the oxygen getting used the next second in your big toe. Your blood circulates it all constantly. Cells taking in O2 and releasing CO2 are also continuous processes that happen at the same time.

>Between breathing in and out there’s a gap of two or three seconds.

That depends on how hard your muscles are working.

OT, but birds have evolved a design which means they take in oxygen when breathing out, as well as breathing in. Furthermore, their lungs are attached to their wings, so they naturally breathe as they flap. Perhaps this explains why you never see a bird which is panting for breath?

Something for the Intelligent Designers to think about.