How can a food high in fat have zero cholesterol? How can I high cholesterol food have low fat?


My cholesterol level is above 1000, but is coming down. To keep it moving down, I’ve been watching the fat in my foods, choosing low-fat stuff over high-fat stuff. My nutritionist explained that I need to track cholesterol directly. I got home, and looked at a bag of chips that had high-fat, but its nutrition information showed zero cholesterol. I then looked at some microwave meals that had low-fat, but their nutrition information showed high cholesterol.

I thought fat and cholesterol in foods were directly proportional… why is this not the case?

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Cholesterol is made in your body to repair damaged cells like blood vessels, so if you eat a lot of sugars, your cholesterol will be released into the blood to repair the damage caused by the sugars. Cut out carbs and only eat fat and things will improve.

Plant based foods, even high in fat, do not have cholesterol because only animal cells produce it. What your doctor is asking you to manage is the thing you can control – ingestion of external cholesterol. It’s much harder to manage the other source, produced by your own cells.