How can bullets sometimes pass right through someone’s abdomen and it doesn’t hit anything?



Is it still hitting minor organs? I guess my understanding of the anatomy is there isn’t that much empty space in the abdomen and everything is pressed up against each other.

For further clarity, my question may be based on movies/shows where someone gets a gunshot wound in that area but isn’t as worried as they might otherwise be if it “hit something important.”

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Can you give your example of this? My understanding of gunshot wounds is that getting shot in the abdomen is *very* bad.

It can’t. Your understanding is correct. I’m not sure where you heard this from but it’s not a thing. Getting shot in the abdomen is certainly not a guaranteed death but it’s very serious. Unless it’s a grazing shot, the bullet is going to hit some major organ or organs.

How about it just hits the bladder or the colon and exits the back. It’s bad but you could survive it.