how can food poisoning occur so late?


I am a major hypochondriac so I need an answer to this…

Why does the internet say that food poisioning can start up to 2 WEEKS after you’ve consumed the food? I understand a day or two because the food is still in your colon somewhere and bacteria can multiply but 2 WEEKS? Does this mean if I eat something that might be sketchy I have to worry about it for 14 days?

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Food poisoning is bacteria, takes a while to incubate, grow enough bacteria to make you feel ill, same thing with cold, flu Corona virus, tho they’re not bacteria etc…

Not a doctor or anything, but is what I’ve been told.

Stop reading the internet for health advice. Talk to a doctor, then go see a psychologist for the hypochondria. It’s ruining your life.

In the hospital rn since tues with food poisoning. First clear liquid tray and it was heavenly tonight. No Gotta build back up to solids over the next few days. Seafood last week also. Stay safe good people. Youd be surprised how much undigested food is in your colon and intestines.