– How can some scenes be harder to animate than others?


I ‘m thinking about that after reading the final chapters of Shingeki no Kyojin. Everyone is saying that the animation studio is gonna have a hard time animating the final season, but I really can’t understand why… Sounds weird to me that some scenes can be hard to animate.

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The complexity on the subject that they’re animating can contribute to the difficulty, for example, animating a person talking with a background is easier than animating a full fledged action scene with a bunch of camera angles and moving parts.

Imagine animating a square block of one color compared to animating a shape with intricate details and a rainbow of changing colors. One would be simple and fast. The other would take much longer.

Just compare a person walking across the screen with a person walking towards you.

Walking across the screen, the main body of the person is essentially the same in every frame, it is just the arms and legs that need to move as the image of the person is gradually moved sideways.

Walking towards the screen, the whole body is slightly bigger in each frame and would have to be redrawn, the perspective of that person will change with every frame and have to be recalculated, the arms and legs are not only moving but they are also getting nearer so they will have to be recalculated and redrawn for every frame. It is immensely more difficult animating something moving towards or away from you than moving side to side. This is true whether the animation is hand drawn or computer animated.

if you think back to TV cartoons, characters spend most of their time moving side to side. Only rarely do you see them moving to or away from you.

This is an example of the kind of thing that has a big effect on complexity even though you would hardly notice when watching.

Now, on the other hand to what everyone is saying, sometimes it’s not necessarily a difficulty curve, though most instances of dynamic action certainly ARE a difficulty issue, another problem that can arise is just needing to take way more time due to all the extra details that need to be added in. That, in of itself adds a layer of complexity and challenge just from that, regardless of the actual “difficulty” level of animating that scene.