How come a towel can dry you off better than a shirt even if they’re the same material?


How come a towel can dry you off better than a shirt even if they’re the same material?

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Even thought they’re the same size, there’s lots of space on the surface of the towel for water to cling to and soak into. It’s like how you can fit more water in a bowl than a plate even if they’re the same material and size. But the towel has many many tiny bowls all over it

Fabric on the shirt is woven tightly, will few to no frays or loose ends, nice and smooth. A towel is covered with loose ends/frays allowing a far greater amount of surface area to pick up water oppose to just the smooth brain shirt limited surface area

Surface area. There is simply way more of the material in a towel than in a shirt. It’s woven in a way that crams a lot of material into a small area.

Also if your laundry is done correctly you didn’t added fabric softener to the towel load.

Fabric softeners coat a laundry item’s exterior and often contain oils and petroleum-based ingredients that hinder its absorbency.

Fabric softener on the shirts typically will make them more water resistant.

Why they tell you not to use them when drying your towels.

I guarantee that the shirt you are using is not as heavy as the towel. Because the towel has a lot more material in it which gives it more surface area to absorb water.

Same answer, different lingo.

Towels are typically terry cloth, which is a specific weave type. How a fabric is woven can have just as much, if not more, impact on how it behaves compared to what it’s made out of.

[Terry cloth is covered in thousands of little loops](, giving it more surface area and making it better at trapping all the water.