How come after giving birth women have trouble holding their pee?


How come after giving birth women have trouble holding their pee?

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After delivery, women will fairly often have trouble with urinary continence (holding their pee) due to the weakened state of various muscles of the abdominal and pelvic regions. Additionally as the pelvic and abdominal muscles (hopefully) return to their original state along with the internal organs, the freshly deflated uterus tends to sit on the bladder, increasing pressure and making it harder to hold urine. It usually gets better with time, from several weeks to several months, depending on age and the number of successive pregnancies, but every woman is different. Lingering hormonal changes can cause constipation and additional pressure on the bladder as well.

It is possible to retrain the bladder and related muscles with kegel (pelvic floor) exercises and by intentionally using the restroom more often than needed and slowly increasing hold time between visits to the restroom. Constipation can be addressed with dietary changes and sufficient fluid intake.

The muscles used to hold in pee, squeeze tight during sex, and poop are the same muscles used in childbirth. They go through some SHIT. An entire human person stretched them out, yo. Imagine having to unhinge your jaw and open your mouth wide enough to swallow a football- you’d probably have some trouble clenching your teeth after that.

In addition to earlier excellent answers: pregnancy per se increases susceptibility to (stress) incontinence. Vaginal delivery carries the highest risk, but after C-section a substantial percentage of women will also have this problem. So carrying a child is a strain in the pelvic muscles.