how come our bodies can’t control laughter or tears at times


I was in a really serious conversation and I remembered something funny and really tried to control my laughter but my cheek muscles still twitched upward

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The reason why our bodies can’t always control laughter or tears is because they are automatic responses that are controlled by our nervous system. The nervous system is like a control center for the body that sends messages to different parts of the body to do certain things. For example, when you touch something hot, your nervous system sends a message to your brain to pull your hand away from the hot thing to prevent getting burned.

Similarly, when you experience strong emotions like joy or sadness, your nervous system sends signals to different parts of your body to respond. When you’re happy and find something funny, your nervous system might cause you to laugh. When you’re sad or upset, your nervous system might cause you to cry.

Sometimes, even if you’re in a serious conversation or trying to control your emotions, your nervous system might still cause your body to react. This can happen because your nervous system is responding to the strong emotions you’re feeling, and it can be hard to control or stop it. However, it’s important to remember that it’s normal to feel strong emotions and that it’s okay to express them in different ways.