How come we are in the 21st century if we are in the 2000s and not 2100s?



How come we are in the 21st century if we are in the 2000s and not 2100s?

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0001-0099 is the first century. 0100-0199 is the 2nd century. etc and so on. so 2000-2099 is the 21st century.

Because our modern calendar starts with the year 1 AD. This means that the *first* century went from 1 AD to 100 AD. The *second* century was 101 – 200. Third = 201 – 300. Keep going down the line, and you see that 21st = 2001 – 2100.

1 AD to 99 AD was the 1st century so the 100s are the 2nd century and so on until 2000s which are the 21st century.

The first century went from the year 1 to the year 100, so the 2nd century was from 101 to 200, which mean the 21st century s from 2001 to 2100.

The first century CE would have been from 000-099 CE. So 0100-0199 CE would have been the second century and 1000-1099 the eleventh.

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If you consider the last year of each century, it starts to become a lot more intuitive!


1st century: year 1 to year 100 –>100:100 = 1

2nd century: year 101 to year 200 –> 200:100 = 2

20th century: year 1901 to year 2000 –> 2000/100 = 20

21st century: year 2000 to year **2100** –> 2100/100 = 21

The day from your birth up to your first birthday is your first year on earth.

So [0, 1) is your first year.

[0, 10) is your first decade

[0, 100) is your first century

[100, 200) your second century

[2000, 2100) your twenty-first century

Now apply this to a calendar instead of your birthday and you have your answer:

The number marks the years that have – passed – while the term “21st century” marks the time span that is – going on currently.

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