How come we are still unsure about the cause of aging?


Do we not understand enough about the human body? I have heard that we don’t fully understand the mechanism behind aging and this got me wondering. I mean our body seems to be like one of the first things we’d investigate, and yet we seem to know less than I had originally thought.

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We do have some understanding of the cause of aging. This is linked to the end sections of your chromosomes (Telomeres) which their lengths are shortened as cell division occurs. How to correctly stopping that from happening is a whole different area of study.

We know a lot about aging, there’s [r/longevity]( but also check out Aubrey de Grey: .

The human body is very complicated. You’re right that it seems like something we’d investigate… and that’s because we do! It is one of the most researched things in the world. Turns out – as with most complex subjects – the more we learn about it, the more we know what we don’t know.

Because of a glitch in reddit this showed up as a post under the r/Python sub. I was wondering what kind of python module you hoped to write to reverse or stop aging.