how come when so I pee after drinking my pee is clear?



how come when so I pee after drinking my pee is clear?

In: Biology

Clear urine is the result of lesser concentrations of bodily waste mixed with the water your body is expelling. The less water and more bodily waste your expelling the more yellow your urine. This is why dark urine is a sign of dehydration, your body is still expelling waste but it’s using up the water reserves of your body to do it

Your liver and kidneys are working to rid your body of the poison you put in it, and to do so it needs to use water to help flush it out sort of like how a toilet needs water to move waste down sewer lines. Its clear because it’s mostly just water and the processed alcohol instead of the more yellowish bodily waste that your kidneys typically filter out slowly.

The yellow color of your urine comes from a pigment called urobilin, produced by your body as it breaks down heme produced by your liver.

Depending upon how much water you’re taking in, your pee might be any color from clear (if you drink a whole lot of water) to dark amber (if you’re very dehydrated).

Pee is clear when going do drink as more?