How did ancient people explain inverted seasons on the other side of the equator?

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In the southern hemisphere, seasons are inverted compared to the northern hemisphere. Before the current knowledge that this is caused by Earth’s tilt compared to its rotation around the sun, how did people explain this?

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i suspect you are using the word ‘ancient’ incorrectly or you don’t comprehend how primitive the ancients were, ancients generally had rudimentary calendars at best, and those who had calendars likely had the technology to do so because they don’t do the ancient version of touching grass (being nomadic)

. travelling through the tropics is a long journey that was probably

done by a very miniscule amount of people who lived at that time, a journey taking several months at the minimum, if they’re speedrunning it, and any such observation probably wouldn’t go much further than “hot time year come quick? just me?”

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