How did fish reach water bodies that are in elevated places like mountains or plateus?


always wondered how do fish get to places like that. can they really swim that high up???

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And lakes that are hundreds of miles from the ocean?
Fish eggs pooped out by birds. Crazy hurricanes/typhoons. Flash floods.

For some species, the body of water was most likely more accessible when the ancestors of the fish got there, then got separated as the land formed over millennia.

Some fish swim up streams.

Some places humans have released fish to create a population.

Fish can swim up surprisingly steep rivers and streams. During seasons of high flow they can migrate between even high elevation lakes. They’re not in all bodies of water, though. In some cases a body of water can be completely cut off from fish by things like dams and waterfalls which are considered fish barriers.

At least in the Alps, most of the lakes that are high up where you can find fish, those have been put there by people (sometimes many hundred years ago).