: How did the first astronauts landing on the moon return back to earth?


I know on the moon there’s less gravity but how could they perform a launch on the moon?

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Less gravity and no atmosphere. So they needed far less thrust to get back into their ship that was in lunar orbit for their return to earth.

They brought a (much smaller) rocket with them onto the surface, and used it to launch themselves back into orbit. They then hooked up to the part that didn’t land, and came back home.

The combination low gravity and no atmosphere meant that very little fuel (in comparison to launching from earth) is required, and the lower stage of the lunar module was left behind.

The command module of Apollo 11 remained in orbit, while the lunar module took 2 astronauts to the moon’s surface. When they left the moon, they only needed enough fuel to launch the lunar module back into the moon’s orbit, where it docked with the command module. Apollo 11 then returned to Earth

Module is fairly light, very little gravity and air resistance, once off the Moon they basically then fall to Earth.