How did the Qatari royal family become “royal”. What started this 150 years ago?


How did the Qatari royal family become “royal”. What started this 150 years ago?

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“Royalty” has different meanings with different religions and cultures. The Thais might see their kings as being gods. Christians will justify that God has chosen their king to be a mediator of power between God and the people. Muslim royalty similar, typically with a blood line to Mohammed indicating the king will continue delivering Mohammed’s message.

Royalty typically relies on a stationary population in a well defined area. Historically local leaders or similar had to come to an agreement as to who would represent them at a larger level.

The founder was connected with fending off the Ottoman Empire when it tried to conquer the region. They managed to hold onto the power created during that uniting of a bunch of tribes for the defence. Then passed it down the family line by mostly peaceful abdications.

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Much like the Saudi royal family, the british were involved.

Mohammad bin Thani was a local tribal leader in Qatar in the late 1800s. They were a general and leader and are credited with fending off an ottoman invasion. They then signed a treaty with the british that recognized them as an independant power for reasons probably benficial to the british at the time. The man(Thani) who was the leader and signed the contract has been recognized as king and the title has been passed through the family.

Basically, he was already the local version of king, and it was formalized by the british.

The *start* of royalty is not well-defined. What matters is how it continues. Usually by heredity. When Greece had a royal family, they picked people from other royal houses in Europe to get things started. Picking someone who “seems” royal can help aid in legitimacy. The country has to buy into the fact that this family is going to rule going forward. The Swedes elected a French military officer (Bernadotte) to be their king, but it has preceded by heredity ever since.

So, there doesn’t need to be an “origin story” behind a royal family. Once any family has ruled for a couple of generations and it is presumed that rule will continue within the family then that family has become “royal”.