How did they do transparent Marley in the Christmas Carol from 1938¿



How did they do transparent Marley in the Christmas Carol from 1938¿

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There’s a theater truck called “Pepper’s Ghost” that is used to create transparent phantoms in a live stage environment. It’s currently rather famously used in Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride.

What you do is have the stage area and then angle a sheet of transparent glass between the stage and the audience. Then you have a second staging area beneath the audience out of sight. You have the person or object that you want to appear transparent on the stage in this second area and light them up very brightly.

The reflection of the phantom will be visible in the otherwise invisible glass in front of the stage, and if you like the angles up properly, the reflection will appear to be standing on the stage in front of the audience: a live transparent ghost.

I think they use a piece of glass at a certain angle to create the effect. That’s how the do it in The Haunted Mansion at Disney World.

I believe it’s a technique called double exposure, Eli5 version is they basically expose the film they recorded a second time, the first shot would have the actor missing then the second shot they are added, depending on how long it’s exposed they appear more or less transparent.

I had a very clear look at Marley’s ghost footage in the 1938 trailer: it is without a doubt a double exposure.

I familiar with using Peppers ghost having used this in haunted houses and in live theater and opera.. and this is NOT what was used.

I can tell because of the movement (frame jumps from minor camera movement are different from the foreground vs background)

Everyone is explaining how it could be done today. However, technology was different in 1938 so they just did it the old fashioned way and hired a ghost to play the role.