How do animals not break a majority of their teeth when eating/fighting?


Humans for example can bite into a jaw breaker and chip our teeth and many other things we can not do that animals can. Is this based on the PSI of animals bites, bone density or anatomy? Various animals such as Gorillas or crocodiles can bites skulls and fight with one another and experience little to no damage to their teeth in respects to how a human would.

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They do, they just aren’t able to use medicine and an understanding of nutrition to live for 4-5x their natural life time, so they usually die before toothlessness ever becomes an issue. Humans are only really built to last healthilly to puberty, then nature dosent care if they break all their teeth and die.

Also I know most predators have teeth a bit stronger than humans because they bite things for a living, but lions for example, actually take special care to only bite animals on the neck once they have restrained them with their claws because they don’t want to break their teeth on bone.

A lot of animals who are extremely reliant on teeth to do crazy stuff like alligators and sharks will grow new teeth far more often.
Some species of rat require things to chew on or their teeth will grow through their own jaw. I think beavers too but don’t 100% recall.

Other predators like wolves don’t eat down to the bone and have developed hunting techniques that don’t take a bite on the head of something since they have similar teeth cycles like we do. Dogs can extent many more PSI of bite force than humans but they also are less likely to instinctively eat what is essentially a rock like a jawbreaker.
And if they do break a tooth, if they survived long enough to reproduce first, then that’s mission accomplished as far as evolution is concerned.

Edit: with some cursory research there’s even usage of broken teeth as evidence of food scarcity in predators. Normally predators don’t eat down to the bone as previously mentioned but with food scarcity they’re more likely to eat more from a kill and risk breaking a tooth. So scientists would see more broken teeth in areas of food scarcity.