How do birds and other animals know not to drink saltwater?



How do birds and other animals know not to drink saltwater?

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Because most animals can taste water much better than humans. They have more taste buds that can actually identify a difference in flavour between a pond, a puddle, and the ocean.

And if you wanna go even simpler, try drinking a glass of seawater. Not very pleasant, most creatures quickly learn to just go for fresh water

Evolution and ancestral teachings.

Everything that you know about what you can and cannot do or eat, is either from personal experience or is taught by a parent/group or is known instinctively by evolution.

When imagining this over many hundred thousands or even millions of years … every species of animals will learn to avoid certain things .. or oppositely encourage it instinctively to do something.

How did you know you could drink from the breast of your mother at birth .. instinct.

How did you know that fire causes pain ? Bad experience or a parent told you.

Some good answers here. I will also add that some birds and animals can drink salt water and have evolved techniques to rid their bodies of the excess salt. For example, some birds produce extremely concentrated tears to excrete salt.