how do bodybuilders have cheat days where they eat 10k calories of junk food and sugar and still remain in top condition?


I occasionally see this on social media where bodybuilders will gorge on giant meals of desserts and junk food and somehow dont end up with diabetes, become ill in general, or just wreck their physique. I understand they probably eat healthy on other days that we dont see, but still it seems odd to not have any negative effects from these wild cheat day binges.

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They probably just lift weight a ton. I know a competitive bodybuilder that eats like trash and shreds a pint of ice cream every night, but has like 5% bodyfat or less at a time. He basically lives in the gym. Also I’m not sure how much one cheat day meal can really affect phisique. Pretty sure your body can only absorb so much – so even on a 10k Cal meal you probably just shit most of that out?

I would bet its just a matter of calories in and calories out. I met some olympic athletes who would eat McDonlds everyday but it didn’t matter because they trained for 4-5 hours almost every single day. They were still ripped (they were also late teens early twenties).

Bodybuilders can handle cheat days due to their intense workouts, which burn many calories, and their bodies’ ability to burn calories more efficiently due to regular dieting and exercise.

The true answer here is steroids. And they don’t.

Sure you can absolutely eat 10k calories in a day but working that off? Look up YouTubers trying to burn 10k in a day. It’s barely possible. Those social media posts are for clout. Why any bodybuilder would train to be 5% body fat and eat these “cheat meals” doesn’t make sense. The cake is a lie.

Ever see The Rock actually eat the bs he posts?

Muscle burns more calories than fat. This is why you’ll see bodybuilders regularly consume 5000 calories without getting fat.