How do bonsai trees work?


I’ve seen the picture of an apple bonsai tree with a single apple on it and I want to know how that happened.

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Im not sure either but i got 2 Japanese maple seedlings that i want to turn i to bonsai… so following.

A gold fish grows to the size of it’s bowl. With bonzia trees you just have an imaginary bowl around the tree that the prune when ever anything reaches that limit, the tree still lives a happy life in it’s tiny bowl, and can even do everything a normal “goldfish” does like make apples.

I’m no expert by any stretch but from what I know, bonsai trees can be any type of tree that is trimmed correctly. Basically you just keep trimming the tree as it grows and keep it at a low height with few branches. Even though you’re keeping it small it still matures as a tree so if it’s an apple tree then it can still grow apples if the branches are strong enough to hold one.

The tree is limited in how far it can grow, its roots can’t spread and its branches are pruned. The tree still matures, it still becomes an adult organism, but it never reaches its adult size, mainly because the lack of roots and leaves stop it from getting enough nutrients from growing that big.

The apple is its offspring, and isn’t so limited. The tree still has a tough time getting the resources needed, likely why there was only one apple, but as far as the cells at that branch tip are concerned it’s a normal adult tree making a normal apple, which is therefore full sized.

Think of it like an amputee; an amputee who’s lost all four limbs is going to have a child with all of its body parts, they won’t be smaller than a normal baby and they won’t be missing bits.

Bonsai just means potted tree or potted plant. People create bonsai trees to mimic the look of full sized trees. They do this by limiting the tree’s growth to keep it from growing too quickly and too large. There are many aspects to creating a bonsai tree but the main feature is just a standard tree, and a small pot. From there it’s about keeping the tree small, but looking like a minature tree. By pruning the tree’s leaves, branches, and roots, combined with wiring the branches to form a specific shape, the look of a large adult tree can be created.