How Do Bot Security Systems Work?



You know, when you’re doing something online and have to pick between which pictures have a street sign etc. And then having to check a box that says “I am not a robot”

How does that work?

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Mmm… Those are not bots. That’s a system called reCAPTCHA.
here’s a video from the guy who invented it explaining how it works:

Most Bots work via scrits, its not Robots, because they lack any form of artificial intelligence. The point of Bots is to be fielded in masses, so speed is the main selling point, the more complex a bot is, the less bot you can field from 1 machine, and thus the less information it can gather, which is not ideal for a bot.

Image and motion would trick bots because they are simply not scripted to actually identify the image then action it.

Same with click the box, most bots just arn’t script for it (a actual complex script).

Now as bots are written more extensively and become more sophisticated, the counter measurement also ramps up.

Us going from image of text to image of actual scenery is an evolution of defense.