how do brain electricity affect us or may develop diseases/make seizures happen..

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I am a 10 grader student. And we’re gonna study a bit about neuroscience (including brain electricity) and some of how do perosnality disorders and mental disorders happen . I feel cooked 💀 (it’s for biology class) so in nutshell it doesnt have to be detailed

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Diseases are complex. It could be as simple as a brain region not making a chemical anymore (parkinsons) or as complex as bacterial infection of a nerve (meningitis).

Seizures are different. Our nervous system operates using very controlled electricity. It’s contained within neurons. They signal each other based on many things but its generally contained. Most of your brain isnt in use. Areas activate when we think or move and other areas are turned off or not used. When this signaling happens out of control, it’s a seizure or convulsion. Which is basically an electrical storm in your brain. There are big, small, or rolling seizures. People convulse, because movement actually occurs in the brain. We have nerves to stop unintended movement and nerves that make us move voluntarily. When you lose all control, you shake uncontrollably