How do carbs and certain foods create “brain fog”?

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I’m always so much better focused and sharp while on a low-carb diet or while intermittent fasting (during the fast).

I’ve found that while digesting food I am just way less driven, focused, sharp, etc.

Some foods are exempt though – if I for example eat some eggs, I still retain that mental clarity.

It seems that carbs are just the killer of focus lol if I eat anything with carbs, I have more energy sure like physically but my mental power gets zapped.

Can someone explain how this works – as if I were 5, I don’t have a biology major.

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This is completely normal, do not let others tell you that you’re ill (although you could obviously still have some underlying disease).

The simple version is that digestion is a bodily process that at first requires a lot of energy. There are many smaller and bigger muscles involved in moving food as well as in digesting it. Your stomach and gut draw a lot of blood. The bigger your food (meal/etc.) is in volume, the more digestive activity your digestive tract will have to undergo in order to pass the food through.

If you eat someting high in fat or protein (think eggs, plain meat of whatever kind, handful or nuts etc.) your food intake is relatively high in terms of calories but low in volume. It takes longer to digest than X amount of pasta and vegetables (for example). The digestion as a whole will take longer but will also be spread out over a longer period of time. The answer to longer lasting energy is not “complex carbs”, the answer is more often than not just fewer carbs and more longer lasting nutrients.

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