How do carbs and certain foods create “brain fog”?

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I’m always so much better focused and sharp while on a low-carb diet or while intermittent fasting (during the fast).

I’ve found that while digesting food I am just way less driven, focused, sharp, etc.

Some foods are exempt though – if I for example eat some eggs, I still retain that mental clarity.

It seems that carbs are just the killer of focus lol if I eat anything with carbs, I have more energy sure like physically but my mental power gets zapped.

Can someone explain how this works – as if I were 5, I don’t have a biology major.

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Have you looked into celiac’s disease? I wonder if maybe you have that. One symptom is brain fog after eating gluten. Do you have any accompanying stomach issues? What happens if you eat carbs that don’t contain gluten? Do you still get fog brain? 

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