How do cars do the burnout thing?


I have seen plenty of videos on youtube with cars, usually more powerful ones, that can do burnout. Some explain that, to do such, you have to apply acceleration and press slightly on the breaks pedal, not the handbreak. How do the wheels from one axle keep spinning if the brake pads apply pressure to the discs for them too?

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If the car has enough power, and can accelerate quickly enough, you can do a burn out with only the accelerator. This is because the weight of car, combined with the “acceleration” of gravity to create a down force (force = mass x acceleration), is greater than the friction of the tires to the road. This causes the tires to spin.

Because all four wheels have brakes.

But in cars that do burnouts, only the rear wheels are getting driven by the engine, they are rear wheel drive cars.

So, when you press the brakes, the brakes close on all four tires. But when you press the gas, only the rear wheels start spinning.

So the goal is to press the breaks enough to keep the car from rolling forward, but not too hard that you lock up the back tires from spinning in place and burning out.

You don’t need breaks to do a proper burnout. You just increase the revs and dump the clutch…

When doing a burnout you typically don’t brake. If your car is powerful enough you just need to press the clutch, rev up and let go of the clutch. The wheels will start spinning and won’t have enough traction to actually get the car moving

What you described is a RWD (rear wheel drive) burnout. In cars which have the rear wheels connected to the engine, pressing the front brakes just hard enough to stop the front wheels from rolling away and revving the engine up enough to overpower the rear brakes is how you do a standing burnout. Rear brakes are weaker, because when braking, the car’s weight shifts forward and the rear wheels lose grip easily.

There is a part that drag racers use called a line lock, which fully applies the brakes to the front wheels, but leaves the rear ones alone to do a burnout. That’s how you can heat your rear tires up fast before a drag race.

Front wheel drive cars have a “line lock” by default because the handbrake holds the rear wheels while you can spin the front wheels freely. Holding the brake and gas at the same time doesn’t work well on FWD cars.

All wheel drive cars can’t really do a standing burnout unless you anchor them to a wall or something, because all of their wheels have to spin at once, so no wheel can hold them stationary