How do cars not get messed up from the rain??


How do cars not get messed up from the rain??

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Components that would be affected by water are inside the body where they don’t get wet. Ran runs off a car without getting inside. Interior stays dry, electronic components stay dry, anything exposed on undercarriage can get wet, etc.

Not really sure what you mean by messed up. Rubber seals around the doors and windows keep rain out of the interior until they dry rot and fail. Paint keeps the exterior metals from rusting until it fails. Intakes for engines are on top of motors and designed in a way to not drink splashed water from a puddle… that being said all of these are for rain or splashed water- they aren’t designed or capable of helping a submerged car.

The engine itself can intake some water without fouling up as well. It just gets vaporized when the fuel combusts and is expelled with the exhaust. It takes a fair amount of water to prevent combustion or seize the engine.