How do chocolate chips stay soft inside cookies?



After you bake chocolate chip cookies and they cool down, the chips still stay soft. How can they still feel melted and gooey after they cool down to the same temp they were when they were hard?

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It has to do with what’s called tempering.

When chocolate cools it turns into Crystals. It can turn into a bunch of different types. If it’s mostly a certain type they join together, look kinda shiny and give that signature snap. In order for that to happen the chocolate has to come to a certain temperature to melt all the other shapes but that one then cool down slowly so they are the most likely to form.

Now we don’t get that with our chocolate chip cookies because they get far hotter than the tempering temperature and then they cool down kinda randomly. So instead of one type of well ordered crystal structure you get a bunch of crystals stuck together randomly.