How do concerts blast music so loudly that you can hear it loud and clear in the back?


I would think it would be pretty hard to get music that loud.

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Usually they use many different groups of speakers, some located partway back.

Speaker systems throughout the venue! Usually the instruments are wired into amplifiers along the stage and then depending on the venue there are secondary speakers midway through the crowd!

The very big columns of speakers used at festivals have very tight control of how much the sounds spread out.

Within the array of speakers, each speaker is aimed at a different part of the coverage area (eg the field at the festival). The whole array is angled downwards slightly and the lower boxes angle down more, typically forming a J shape.

So when you are near the front, you don’t hear the speakers aimed at the back, and vice versa.

The speakers covering the front section can be set to a lower intensity level if needed.

Any areas that will be too quiet can have more speakers placed to fill in those areas. Eg. Very close to the stage maybe outside the coverage of the main PA, so front fills will be added.

Far away from the main PA may be too quiet so more speakers are added further back. Because the signal has to be delayed in time to compensate for how long it takes for the sound from the main PA to reach these sepakersym, they’re called “delays”.

The changes that have occurred that allow relatively small speakers to get so loud include : more powerful amplifiers, computer aided design of speakers, DSP processing of signals to each speaker to control how they interact with the other speakers and more powerful neodymium magnets.