How do digital whiteboards work?


How do digital whiteboards work?

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Could you be a little more specific?

A digital whiteboard is just some interface on a website where users can draw, write, add notes etc. like a physical whiteboard.

The website itself is hosted on some server somewhere, and the users then connect to the website from their computers via their web browser. In the web browser they can then write and draw etc. and this information is sent back to the host server, which in turn sends it to all the other users that are connected, so they can see what you are doing.

It’s a big computer screen with touch sensitivity. Then it’s running a program which gives you the whiteboard feel of a blank canvas and drawing a line when you move your finger.

Sometimes it’s actually easier to run PowerPoint or excel to make the point clearer.

If you mean how they sense where your pen/finger is, different models work by different methods. Some have a grid of wires behind the board and sense an electromagnetic coil in the stylus. Some have infrared lights in the corners/edges and sensors to pick up where the beams get interrupted. Some use optical sensing with a camera integrated into the projector, sometimes by picking up a light source in the tip of the stylus. Most models require some sort of calibration to line up the touch points with where the projected image falls, usually asking the user to tap a series of targets so it knows where the corners, edges and centre of the image are.