How do fruits like watermelons and apples how juice?



Blackberries and citrus fruits have obvious vesicles that hold the juice, but how does it work with other fruits? Why is it that when I cut a watermelon into slices the juice doesn’t just spill out??

In: Biology

Fruits are made of cells. These cells contain the juice. When you slice a watermelon for instance a little bit of the juice does leak out. The juice that was in the cells where you made the cut. But the rest of the cells remain intact. When you juice a fruit you’re destroying most if not all of the cells so more juice is released.

They’re not hollow and full of liquid that’s just sloshing around (like coconuts are); all the juice is held in the cells which form the entire interior.

There’s some that leaks out when you cut it because you cut through some of the cells, and there’s a lot more that leaks out when you bite it because your teeth tear through and do a lot more damage to the cells.