how do fungi develop on walls?


I’m really confused about this one. Let’s say I kind of understand the way fungi develop eg. on food – it rots over time and the fungus has like the ‘basis’ to grow on. But on walls? I know they need high humidity and temperature to develop but in the end humidity is just water vapour in the air, so all that’s left is a piece of wall and water, I don’t get where the fungus comes from.

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Fungi release spores which travel around and land just about everywhere. If the conditions (temp, humidity, light, nutrients) allow it, those spores grow into fungi. There is a huge amount of diversity among fungi, including the conditions they’re able to survive and thrive under.

Fungi doesn’t start growing from the wall directly. It usually comes from behind the wall where there are nutrients like wood, dirt, etc, etc. the hyphae will then make its way across the wall. You can see this by googling “Mould growing on wall” virtually all the pictures show mould coming out from somewhere like a corner.

Fungi are a whole kingdom of species, like animals and plants. They reproduce via spores. So if you’re asking how it initially appears on the wall, a spore gets blown onto your wall and it starts to grow.

For their food source, fungi are almost horror movie level good at processing almost anything you can think of. The typical household mold mostly feeds on cellulose, but there are many many types that will happily survive on just about anything organic.