how do heat lamps in bathrooms work?


And why couldnt they just install an exhaust fan?

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Bathrooms get cold, and there’s nothing worse than being naked and cold. If you have a heater, you can warm the bathroom up to make it a nicer temperature. Plenty of bathrooms have both a heater and an exhaust fan, even though they do two different tasks.

Lightbulbs get hot naturally with use, because there’s electricity making something glow so red hot it produces light. Heat lamps are just beefier lightbulbs, designed to produce more heat than a regular incandescent bulb.

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Heat lamps are to warm people getting out of the shower/bath. Exhaust fans are to remove steam and odors from the bathroom. Very different functions.

The lamps work because electricity causes the filament in the bulb to heat up. It’s really like any incandescent light bulb, which created heat and light, but one specifically engineers to optimize for heat creation vs. most that sought to minimize heat creation.