How do knife attacks in public exactly happen? What are the chances of me, delivery driver being stabbed if I just mind my own business?


So what I am wondering is: do people often provoke them, do stabbings usually happen in a fight between two people? Or are the stabbers targeting the most random people that they didn’t have any interaction with? I am talking your regular knife attack that you can see in news sometimes.

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Not sure if I’m breaking the rules here basing this off of personal experience growing up in rough areas or not. But yeah without finding hard data to back things up I think “random” knife attacks for no reason are very rare. I think the vast majority of knife attacks are personal due to gang hostility, deals gone wrong or just someone pissing the wrong person off. Then some are due to muggings gone wrong and even then most actually violent muggings would be done by drug addicts the teenager/young man that wants your 20 isn’t really thrilled about the idea of killing you for it but when someone needs their next fix they aren’t thinking straight. Stabbing someone for no reason is limited only to the truly insane I think.

You are more likely to be the victim of a crime committed by someone you know. That includes stabbings. That doesn’t means that random attacks don’t happen, but they are less common than the media would like you to believe.

That said, as a delivery driver, you are likely to have something that someone desperate may want – food, money, etc. – and your vehicle would be clearly labeled as such. If someone threatens you, give them what they want and your odds are much better of getting out unstabbed. Thieves generally do not want to hurt their victims.