How do members of the military sleep fast and wake up immediately if needed during operations?


How do members of the military sleep fast and wake up immediately if needed during operations?

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For one, often they can fall asleep fast/fall asleep anywhere Bcuz when you have a long hard day and you are exhausted, falling asleep is easy.

But in general there is also a way to practice falling asleep fast where you relax your body that many people are able to learn and start falling asleep In a minute in just a few weeks.

Then for waking up, well, you kind of do what you have to do. If rockets start falling or gunfire erupts and your life depends on getting the fuck up and moving, you’re gonna get up and moving.

Exhaustion makes sleep easy. Stay outside in the sun, heat/cold, and move around a lot. Usually caring a decent bit of weight. You will fall asleep fast too.

Waking up fast is easy too. Adrenaline is a hell of a drug and life/death situations tend to surge it into your system.

But the idea that everyone in the military can do those things is plain wrong. Militaries are made of people and everyone is different. Some people can sleep anywhere/anytime and others are insomniacs. You’ve got your morning people that wake up alert and other’s that will drag ass with bullets flying by them. Also, sleeping quickly because you are exhausted and waking because of an adrenaline dump are not mechanisms for long term health.

Again, as an infantry officer I’m the person you want to answer this question. It all goes down to psychology and getting used to. When we spend a whole day walking with pounds of weight on you it gets so tiring so fast, and you also get used to sleeping anywhere anytime. You know that these sleeps are rare so you gotta take as much as you can.

As for waking up, there’s a reason why majority of sleep we get on the field isn’t as effective as it would be home : You’re on alert. Even while sleeping. I’m sure you’ve seen the video of that soldier trying to take another soldiers pistol while he’s sleeping and he immediately wakes up and pulls away the pistol. That’s exactly how it is. Any loud noise and everyone sleeping will reach for their rifles. Your body might be asleep but your mind is racing.